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Virtual Portrait Painting classes with Edward Sutcliffe

A series of 5 oil or acrylic portrait painting classes, hosted via zoom by award winning artist Edward Sutcliffe.





A series of 5 oil or acrylic portrait painting classes, hosted via zoom by award winning artist Edward Sutcliffe. These sessions will be a warm, small, relaxed and friendly place where skills and techniques will be developed allowing students to express themselves through their art. From novice painters to exhibiting artists, all levels are welcome to attend!


Course Price:

£160 (5x classes)


Class Format:

At the start of each class, Edward will discuss and demonstrate an essential element to his work. This will include looking at tone, mixing colour, creating interesting compositions, examining different styles of painting and how to develop ideas into your art.

Each student can work on an existing painting or start a new painting of a chosen image (by the student) or ask Edward to provide a photo to use as reference at the beginning of the course.

Students will then work on their chosen painting (existing or new). Whilst students are working, Edward will then spend time with each student, discussing their work and exploring ideas to develop further week by week. 


Course Timings:

There will be a Day Course and an Evening course. Please see the timings (all times are in GMT) below to see which course suits your schedule. 

Day Course   

16/02/2021                  1000am - 1245pm                                  

23/02/2021                  1000am - 1245pm                                                     

02/03/2021                  1000am - 1245pm                                                     

09/03/2021                  1000am - 1245pm                                                     

16/03/2021                  1000am - 1245pm

Evening Course 

18/02/2021                  5:30pm - 745pm

25/02/2021                  5:30pm - 745pm

04/03/2021                  5:30pm - 7:45pm

11/03/2021                  5:30pm - 7:45pm

18/03/2021                  5:30pm - 7:45pm


What you will need:

The classes will be held remotely via Zoom and students will therefore be required to have with them all equipment to work. 

Here is a list of everything you will need for the course - brushes, paints (a broad range of colours in either acrylic or oil, white, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, black), palette, canvas or board, kitchen roll, drawing materials including pencils, erasers, ruler.


The classes will be small to maximise time each student gets with Edward, so please book early to confirm your spot.

For any questions regarding the course please do feel free to contact Edward at

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